Sucres & Denrées

Founded by Maurice Varsano in 1952, the group is one of the world's largest physical sugar trading companies. Headquartered in Paris, it remains privately owned with Maurice's son, Serge Varsano as Executive Chairman.

Sucden Group

Sucden Group

Sucres & Denrées is a market leader in sugar sourcing, logistics, risk management, merchandising, trading, processing and distribution.

Annually the firm originates and ships in excess of eight million tonnes of sugar (bulk/bagged/container), whilst distributing over one million tonnes of sugar in domestic markets.

The group has a global presence, with established offices in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Dubai, Europe and USA, as well as logistical and industrial processing activities in several African and Latin American locations.

Over the years the group has also expanded its scope of activities beyond sugar, into other products and services including, cocoa, coffee, ethanol and ocean freight. It also diversified into financial services through Sucden Financial.

With over 4000 employees in over 30 locations worldwide, Sucres & Denrées serves its customers with the provision of quality products, complemented with the integrity and efficiency of its service.

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